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Smola excited for opportunity with Gazette

Daniel Smola

Daniel Smola

Daniel Smola

Find something you’re passionate about and you won’t work a day in your life. Never forget where you came from.

These are two things I have learned that I take to heart. My name is Daniel Smola. I moved to Piedmont in 1994 and went to school here from kindergarten through high school. I graduated in 2012 and watched this small town grow to what it is today.

I currently attend Oklahoma State University, where I am a junior Sport Media major. I have always had a passion for sports.

I ran track and cross country in high school and played on Piedmont High School’s inaugural soccer team. My experience with high school sports has given me memories that I will have for the rest of my life.

What exactly is it about sports that make them so popular? There are numerous reasons why the sports industry is worth billions of dollars.

The feats of athleticism that athletes can accomplish are incredible to watch. Athletes that can dunk a basketball, make a one-handed catch or throw a 100 mph fastball are uncommon in our society and it is fun to watch these athletes at the peak of their athleticism.

The competitive side of sports is also appealing. At least in my opinion, few things are more fun to watch than the final minutes of a competitive game. Athletes give everything they have during this time to win the game and some athlete’s careers are defined by what happens in “crunch time.”

The ability for several individual athletes to unite as a single team is one of my favorite experiences in sports. The development of team chemistry makes it possible for team members to value the well-being of the team more than their own.

Team chemistry in sports is similar to that in other careers. Team-first attitudes are also important to be successful in non-athletic careers. Sports can help us develop these attitudes and other good habits.

My absolute favorite part of sports is being part of a team. Nothing beats experiencing the highs and lows of competition with a team. From the grueling offseason to each hard-earned victory, teammates experience it all together. And teammates can form lifelong bonds from these experiences.

I love sports for all of these reasons, which brings me here to the Piedmont-Surrey Gazette. A career that involves writing about sports is a dream come true. Now that I have this opportunity, I will bring readers sports coverage to the best of my abilities.

It feels good to be back home.

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