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PSA sign-ups bring out solid numbers

Evan Grice/Gazette
Piedmont resident Kelley Thomas hands in paperwork last Saturday morning to PSA Treasurer Bruce Lowder during boys basketball sign-ups at the Fina Municipal Center. It is expected that more than 230 kids are signed up.

By Evan Grice

If numbers are any indication, this season should be a banner year for the Piedmont Sports Association when it comes to boys’ basketball.

Last Saturday saw the end of the two week sign up period for the PSA boys’ basketball season at the Fina Municipal Center, which brought out parents and players alike in droves.

When the final three-hour sign-up period had ended, it was clear the PSA was going to be in for a great season on the court when the total was brought up.

“We’ve probably had a higher turnout this year than we did last season,” PSA Treasurer and boys’ basketball coordinator Bruce Lowder said. “Last year we had around 230 kids total, which we have not only met but probably surpassed which is great to see. I’m very excited for this season.”

Games will begin in the next few weeks, with participants divided up according to grade level from first all the way up until eighth grade.

Lowder added that he thinks youth sports play a huge impact on the development of future Piedmont athletes especially when it comes to a skill and fundamental standpoint.

“It’s very important getting kids involved in athletics at an early age, especially in the sport of basketball,” he said. “When you have a kid that is just starting in fifth grade as opposed to someone who has been playing since first grade, then it’s going to put them at a disadvantage.”

“Starting young allows the kids to develop skills and fundamentals along with good sportsmanship as well. It’s just a lot of fun for everyone, and the more kids that are involved the better it is for all of us.”

During the course of the season, scores will be published on a weekly basis in the sports section of the Surrey-Gazette along with additional coverage when the playoffs begin for boys’ basketball.


  1. HereWeGoAgain says:

    Now if we can only get people to sign up for baseball here instead of going to PCO.

  2. Vernon Woods says:

    Can you explain the situation/problem with the baseball PSA program? Any suggestions about improvements?

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