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One on One with Piedmont senior athlete Kasey Rein

Evan Grice/Gazette
Piedmont’s Kasey Rein runs towards the finish line Tuesday afternoon at Carl Albert High School. Rein is a senior at Piedmont High School and plans to major in nursing after graduation to become an RN.

By Evan Grice


Piedmont senior cross country runner and defending swimming state champion Kasey Rein sat down with the Piedmont Surrey-Gazette Tuesday afternoon following her finish at the Suburban Conference Cross Country meet at Carl Albert High School in Midwest City.

PG: How was the course overall out there? It looked a little muddy with some of those big puddles as well. KR: “It was definitely the muddiest course we have been on all season to tell you the truth. This cold weather was definitely a little painful, but I think it worked in our benefit to be honest. As for the puddles, I didn’t really notice them that much out there.”

PG: What is the hardest part about being a cross country runner? Is it the conditioning or something else? KR: “It’s actually the waiting period before the race starts. There’s so much anticipation because you never know when they are going to start everyone. It’s a lot different than in swimming because they give you a specific time to take your mark, and you know when you will be going. That’s not the case with cross country meets.”

PG: What is the biggest difference between swimming and cross country, other than one is done in water and the other is done on dry ground? KR: “I would definitely have to say there’s different muscles you use for each sport. When you are running then it’s all about your legs and calf muscles. Then, when I’m swimming, I’m using more of my arms and shoulders, so that’s what I’d say is the biggest difference between the two sports.”

PG: You are a defending state champion from last year’s Piedmont swim team. Is there any kind of pressure or standard that you feel you have to uphold now that you have that title? KR: “Oh definitely. I feel like I’m on a higher level now, and that I have to meet that standard not just as an athlete but as a student as well in the classroom. It’s hard at times, but something I love and wouldn’t trade for anything.”

PG: Since you are a swimmer, I have to ask on a given day how many calories you intake? Can you give us an estimation or close to it? KR: “Well if you ask my friends, they’ll tell you that I’m always eating something. Which it’s true, I do eat all the time because you have to when you’re a swimmer. I’ve always got a snack with me, just in case I forget to eat breakfast or something else. As far as a number goes, I can’t really give an exact amount, but I’d say it’s at least more than 2,000 calories a day to be honest.

PG: Speaking of foods, what are some of your favorites to eat when you aren’t on the go so much? KR: “I love Italian food, especially cheesy foods. I like cheese a lot so anything having to do with cheese is something I will love to eat.”

PG: Is it hard being a two-sport varsity athlete in high school with all the demands you have? KR: “It’s definitely hard balancing swimming, cross country, school and looking at colleges. But, I somehow manage to do it and that’s about the easiest way I can sum it up.”

PG: Speaking of colleges, do you have any idea where you would want to attend college? And what would you like to major in?

KR: “Yes, I do actually. I’m currently looking at Colorado-Mesa University in Grand Junction, Colorado. I’m also interested in Evansville College in Indiana. I want to major in nursing and become an RN (registered nurse).”

PG: Why nursing or the medical field in general? KR: “I’ve always wanted to go into the medical field, just not spend 12 years in school. Nurses are always in demand and I feel like that’s a position where I can contribute and help people no matter what.”

PG: What is the best part about being involved in sports like cross country and swimming? KR: “I’d definitely have to say it’s all the support we get from our teammates, coaches and fans at the meets. Someone is always there to inspire you and keep you going even on those bad days at practice.”

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