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One-on-One with Lady Wildcat senior Alex Hall

Evan Grice/Gazette
Piedmont’s Alex Hall drives to the basket as Heritage Hall player Morgan Garrett defends during the Buckle of the Wheatbelt Tournament at Kingfisher High School in January.

By Evan Grice


Piedmont Lady Wildcat senior basketball player Alex Hall recently sat down with the Surrey-Gazette following practice to talk about Piedmont basketball, how sports run in her family, and what it’s like getting to play with her twin sister Abbie on the same team.

PG: What drew you to the sport of basketball?

AH: “It was mainly my mom (Cindy Schrader). She played basketball at Sterling College in Kansas and ran track as well. She played it all when she was a kid as well. Basically she started me in the sport and it just grew from there.”

PG: Basketball is something you take very serious and you look very intense out on the court. Is that another trait you get from your mom is that intensity?

AH: “Yes, definitely. On my mom’s side of the family, they’re all very competitive and hate to lose. So I definitely would say I get my competitive nature from my mom.”

PG: You get to experience something pretty special in that you get to play with your twin sister Abbie on the same team. What is that experience like for you?

AH: “It’s a lot of fun for me. Especially, when we have our “twin time” on the court and get to pull off some cool moves together out there. It feels cool being able to have a twin out on the court working just as hard as you are out there.”

PG: Does Abbie bring out the best in you during practice and really push you out there?

AH: “Oh most definitely. We’ll be friends all the time off the court, but we get competitive on the court. Sometimes we’ll get so competitive with one another that we’ll actually get into fights with each other. It’s pretty funny to be honest.”

PG: You’ve shown at times that you have a goofy side to you away from basketball. In your own words what is Alex Hall like away from the game of basketball?

AH: “I guess you could say I’m pretty funny. I’ve always got something smart to say back on some kind of subject. What’s also pretty funny is that Abbie and I both tied for being Class Clown out of our senior class.”

PG: Who is better at pranks out of the two of you?

AH: “Abbie probably does more pranks then me. We’re both pretty gutsy to be honest. I think Abbie is better at thinking of pranks then me. I’m better at doing them than she is.”

Evan Grice/Gazette
Piedmont’s Alex Hall looks for an open teammate to pass to during the Homecoming game against El Reno Friday night at Collett Fieldhouse. Hall finished with a career high 19 points in the game against the Lady Indians as the Lady Wildcats won their fourth straight game.

PG: When you are away from basketball, what is your favorite guilty pleasure food?

AH: “Chocolate or cookies definitely. Probably cookies though. My mom is always bringing home cookie dough for us to make cookies with. I’ll usually have about five maybe seven of them.”

PG: Sports seems to be a running theme in your family. Are sports that one thing that really brings your family together?

AH: “Sports are definitely something that runs in our family. We’re always talking about sports in our family. When we’re at the dinner table we’ll be watching the Thunder game. My dad is a big football fan, so when we’re at his house for the weekend we’re watching football.”

PG: What are your plans after you graduate Piedmont High School, would you like to play basketball if given the opportunity?

AH: “I’d definitely love the chance to play basketball in college if it was offered to me. My plans are mainly to graduate college and then go be a nurse in the medical field.”

PG: What’s the one thing you have learned under Coach (Jamie) Hill this season as a player?

AH: “I’ve learned that there’s always something good to come out of a situation. She’s really taught me to never give up in a game situation especially. You can always work harder and do something to get better.” 

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