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Brandon and Morris compete in All-State softball game

Madi Morris

Madi Morris

Michelle Brandon

Michelle Brandon

Daniel Smola


EDMOND – Piedmont’s Michelle Brandon and Madi Morris represented the Wildcats in the Large All-State softball game at Oklahoma Christian University on Saturday afternoon.

The East All-State team bested the West 5-3 in an intense contest. Brandon had 1 hit and 1 run for the West and also made some plays in the field.

“I thought I played good,” Brandon said. “It’s fun getting to play in these games. It feels awesome that my hard work has paid off and to be able to play in this game.”

Morris thought she could have played better, but enjoyed her experience as an All-Stater.

“Not the best. I knew I could’ve done better,” Morris said of her performance. “But it was a good experience playing with these girls.”

Morris was honored to have the opportunity to play with the state’s best.

“It was an amazing experience to play in the All-State game,” she said. “I made some really good friends today.”

Both Brandon and Morris’ goals for the game focused on playing hard and representing the Wildcats one last time.

“My goals were to hit the ball hard and play the best I can in the field,” Brandon said.

“To play my heart out and represent Piedmont one last time,” Morris said.

Both athletes were thrilled to share the All-State experience with each other.

“It feels great,” Brandon said. “One last game together in a Piedmont uniform is great.”

“Of course it was a great experience,” Morris said. “We have this summer together then off to school.”

Both are playing softball in college. Brandon is attending East Central University and Morris is heading to Southwestern Oklahoma State University.

“I think we’re in the same conference, so we might even get to play each other next year,” Brandon noted.

Brandon also noted that she enjoyed her last season at Piedmont.

“It was the best season I could ask for,” she said. “With the seniors and everything, it ended really well.”

Morris had a few people to thank for her success in softball.

“My family. My mom and sister and especially my dad for getting me into the game. And all of the coaches I’ve ever played for.”

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