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2014 Piedmont softball preview: Catch her if you can: PHS’ Giggers ready for return after ACL surgery

Evan Grice/Gazette
Piedmont’s Madison Giggers runs the bases during a summer pride workout earlier this year at Lady Wildcat Field. Giggers is returning from ACL surgery this season for the Piedmont softball team. Last season before her injury, Giggers hit .429 to go with a slugging percentage of .464 and an on base percentage of .484 for the year.

By Evan Grice


In the blink of an eye last season, Madison Giggers’ worst fears became a reality.

During a district game against the El Reno Lady Indians at Piedmont, Giggers was running to first base when she collided with a Lady Indian player on the base path, causing her to lose her balance.

At first glance, it appeared the speedy lead-off batter for the Lady Wildcats had just suffered a minor knock and would be able to return to action within a few minutes.

However, it was soon realized that a few minutes wasn’t going to be enough time to heal.

It was later learned that Giggers had suffered a torn ACL, and would miss the rest of the season.

“I was really scared and afraid to think of the worst when it initially happened,” Giggers said about her injury. “My thoughts were that I just pulled something. Getting told that I had torn my ACL and that I was going to have to come through rehab was a lot to think about.”

“My main focus then became about how I could come back and be stronger and better for my team.”

Madison’s journey turned into nine months of physical rehab, focused squarely on strengthening her knee for the upcoming season of softball.

Evan Grice/Gazette
Piedmont’s Madison Giggers stands in at the plate during a scrimmage earlier this season at Firelake Casino against Muskogee in Shawnee. Giggers is one of the returning players this season for Piedmont.

“Basically the whole time I was off, I was hitting it hard in the gym and getting back to strength in my knee,” Giggers said about her rehab process. “There were a lot of squats involved. I really had to endure through the pain and just work hard every day.”

Before her injury, Giggers was a huge part of the Lady Wildcats offense, as she was batting .429 with 12 hits. She had also totaled a .484 on base percentage to go with a .464 slugging percentage.

Since practice began this season, Piedmont head coach Rick Scott says that he’s been impressed with the progress Madison has made, and believes she is going to be an impact player this season for the Lady Wildcats.

“Each day Madison has been working to be back to her old self, and better then her old self in fact,” he said. “She is heading that way. The first day we were a little hesitant with her, but she’s stayed healthy and gotten better every day since then.”

Giggers admitted she was a little nervous running the bases and going full speed for the first time when she returned, but said she feels great being back as a player for Piedmont.

“I was really excited coming back and getting the season started,” she said. “Once I got over my hesitation about running bases, then I was able to push through. I’ve been feeling really good since then. We’ve got a lot of expectations this season and I believe we can take it all the way.”


  1. Janice says:

    I’m so proud of all the hard work Madden has done to return as a valuable player for team. All these girls work together as a team.proud of them all.

  2. Searah says:

    So glad shes back in full force softball truly is my sisters life and I know she’s going to go so far with it!! Can’t wait for the season to kick into full force; So she can go out there and show how much hard work really does pay off!!

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