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Here’s to trying new things

By Evan Grice


You know, the funny (or not so funny) thing about all of this cold weather, is how it always seems to adjust my schedule in the craziest of ways sometimes.

This past Friday night brought one of those instances where my schedule brought me something different, that I wasn’t expecting.

Due to the Deer Creek games being canceled so suddenly, I started off my evening traveling to Amber-Pocasset to watch the Okarche boys and girls’ basketball teams dismantle the Panthers and Lady Panthers with the littlest of ease.

It was the event that happened later that same night which was my different.

Following the games, I drove to Soccer City; just 20 minutes away from Piedmont, to watch a group of Piedmont soccer players play in an indoor soccer league.

These players are members of the team known as Gatos Aguas, or Cats of Blue, basically Blue Cats.

Now before I get anymore ahead of myself, there’s a slight back-story that needs to be shared about how this came to be.

A few weeks ago while I was downloading photos following Piedmont basketball, I was on Twitter and received a tweet from one of the members of Gatos Aguas asking when we would (if ever) cover one of their games.

Obviously, my curiosity got the best of me and I simply responded with if you will tell us when and where you play, we’ll see what we can do. Little did I know that was just the beginning of what was to come.

Within the hour, several more people associated either as a player or fan of Gatos Aguas had tweeted me and messaged me about coverage concerning this indoor soccer team.

It didn’t take long for me to cave and I asked when their next game was, and they told me, so I said we’ll be there at the specified date and time.

True to my word, I showed up at Soccer City while the first game of the evening was in progress. Keep in mind this was taking place at around 10 pm or later, (dedication or insanity, you decide).

What really surprised me wasn’t the fact that people were out watching these games, but the amount of Piedmont students which were present as well. Before the first half ended, PHS students nearly filled an entire bleacher section next to the field.

Now, I normally don’t like to be negative, but I think I might have been a bad luck curse in the first game.

When I showed up, Gatos Aguas was leading 2-0, before the game was tied at 2-2. However, the Blue Cats did take the lead back at 3-2, before it was tied at 3-3 once again.

But, with no time left on the clock, there was a penalty kick for Gatos Aguas.

I have to admit, I was sitting there almost feeling a rush of excitement thinking my first game would end with a dramatic winner and that I’d have sometime cool to reflect on.

Unfortunately, the spot kick was hooked to the right, badly.

Following the game, I took the chance to introduce myself to some of the players and fans, some of who already knew me, to show that I had been true to my word in showing up for Gatos Aguas soccer.

The welcome I received couldn’t have been better, and the appreciation they reflected towards me was even more special.

Now, I’ll spare you most of the details from the second game of the evening *cough* 18 goals allowed *cough* as defense wasn’t at a premium.

When the games were over, it wasn’t about the results of the contests, but more about how the players appreciated the fact someone had kept their word and showed up for indoor soccer.

To every fan, and player of Gatos Aguas soccer who was there Friday night at Soccer City, I say thank you for a very entertaining adventure. This job is all about a new adventure every day, and you all gave me something I’ll always remember.

The moral of this story is, it’s never a bad thing to try something different, especially if it keeps you from staying mad at things that are beyond your control.

Oh and just for the record, Gatos Aguas is back in action March 7 if you are interested in trying something different on a Friday night in Oklahoma City.


  1. Kristi says:

    Are they HS kids or men’s league?

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