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Piedmont residents celebrate freedom

Piedmont Roundup Club

Robert Flippo/Gazette
Members of the Piedmont Round-Up Club carried an American flag at the end of the parade.


Robert Flippo

Piedmont’s annual Freedom Fest once again brought big festivities to a small town.

It started with wonderful weather, clear skies and temperatures that were warm but not too warm. It was the perfect weather to go outside, fire up the barbeque and then head to Piedmont Road for Freedom Fest.

The parade did not start until seven, but the area around Piedmont Elementary was thriving for hours preceding the parade.

With an array of inflatable playgrounds provided by Bounce Town, booths set up by various Piedmont organizations, and games set up by the Piedmont Fire Department, there was no shortage of ways for family to stay entertained.

There were also a number of refreshments, from watermelon provided by the city to snow cones and barbeque for sale.
Around 6:30, Derek Cook and two other motocross riders arrived to pump up the crowd before the parade started. For thirty minutes, they performed insane jumps and tricks that had the crowds holding their breath and then cheering madly when they landed.

The parade kicked off with a helicopter flyover and the Piedmont Police and Fire Departments led the way. The parade lasted roughly forty-five minutes and showcased the city of Piedmont, from Boy Scouts to the Veterans Association and from dancers to marines.

The residents of Piedmont lined the road, cheering on their friends, family and neighbors.

After the parade, many waited around for darkness to fall so the fireworks display could begin.

The Chamber of Commerce promised a big fireworks display and they delivered.

The show started just after 9:30 and lasted thirty minutes. With patriotic music playing over the loudspeakers, the fireworks lit up the Piedmont skies while dozens of other fireworks displays dotted the horizon.

It was a beautiful end to a wonderful day spent celebrating the nation’s freedom.

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