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New stop sign will take some getting used to

By Matt Montgomery
News Editor

Piedmont City Manager Jim Crosby said the city installed new stop signs at 164th Street and Piedmont Road, not in an effort to try to give out citations, but to protect the kids at the new Piedmont Intermediate.

He said the city originally posted the signs last Friday night, but were afraid no one would see them, so they decided to send out a voice message to residents.

“I had them taken down, and then today we rented these electronic billboards to let people know,” Crosby said. “When dark comes, they can adjust to them.”

Crosby noted the intersection at 164th Street and Piedmont Road is the most accident prone in the entire City.

The city will keep the billboards up for two weeks.

He added that there are some yellow signs behind the stop signs that should allow people to see the new stop signs better.

“We want to give people time to try to adjust,” he said. “That area is a very high accident location for Piedmont.”

He said they certainly want to give everybody the benefit, so they are trying to issue as many warnings as they can, before they start issuing citations.

Piedmont Police Chief Alex Oblein said that is a bad intersection, and because everyone is used to not having a stop sign there, they are more likely to run that.

As he stood by the new stop sign on Monday, he said he observed a lot of people running the stop signs. He said about one in nine people were running the intersection on Monday.

“The vast majority of people have been running it,” Oblein said. “Some of them are going 35 mph as they go through the stop sign area.”

He added people are running the stop signs when there aren’t a lot of cars on that road.

“The people going east and west need to be cautious,” Oblein said. “Don’t count on everybody going north and south are going to stop; they aren’t used to it.”

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