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Piedmont’s wrestling room gets a face lift

The wrestling locker room was redone as part of Daniel Brown’s Eagle Scout Project.

Between an Eagle Scout project and some general renovations, Piedmont’s wrestling room will seem like an entirely different place this year. Over the past few months, work has been done to make the room a more appealing space for Piedmont’s wrestlers.

“It’s definitely a work in progress,” Coach Erik Ford said. “Daniel Brown has redone our locker room for his Eagle Scout project. It looks like a real locker room, and not just a room with a bunch of lockers in it. The kids really enjoy it. The seats are padded and each locker has a lock on it.”

The new look locker room is blue and white. Each wrestler has his own locker, which is underneath a seat. There are still a few minor things that need to be completed, but the room is basically finished.

If Brown receives his Eagle Scout for the project, then this year’s Piedmont wrestling team will have three Eagle Scouts.

“Our biggest project has been putting down new wood floor all across the main room,” Ford said. “We had to clean up underneath the old floor and we’ve re-tiled everything. Having tile, rather than carpet, is so much better. Carpet is hard to keep clean. We’ve also added about five feet of mat space, due to taking out a retaining wall.”

Ford said that because of the work parents and kids have done, the entire wrestling surface is now flat. There are also two newer mats out on the floor.

“We had kids, parents and coaches working and we all take great pride in this room,” Ford said.

The wrestlers have also posted Piedmont state champions, runners-up, placers and all state wrestlers on one of the walls. Ford said having the names on the wall keeps kids grounded and reminds them where they want to go. He added that a little arrogance never hurt anybody.

“We hope to be done with everything by the end of football season,” Ford said. “We’ve had five or six work days, and we’ve been lucky that the school has backed us. We brought the labor and the school got supplies. It was something that had to be done.”

The wrestlers started practice on Oct. 3. Ford says they are working on a lot of technique right now, rather than mostly wrestling. He hopes this will help get the kids in shape for their first pre-season tournament on Saturday, Nov. 5, at Putnam City West.

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