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Piedmont player joins USA in games against Czech Republic squad

The Oklahoma Athletics Gold (black uniforms), including Piedmont’s own Caitlyn Deason (back middle), played the Czech Republic team recently and beat them in a three game series 2-1. The Oklahoma Athletics have qualified for the ASA Gold Nationals tournament, which is held in San Diego, July 24-30.

During summer ball, it’s a common occurrence for teams to travel around the country and play teams from different states.

It’s a pretty rare reward to be able to play a team from a different continent.

Caitlyn Deason, who plays short stop for the Lady Wildcats, plays for the Oklahoma Athletics Gold and got just that sort of opportunity a couple weeks ago when they played a squad from the Czech Republic.

“It was weird because they spoke a different language,” Deason said. “They were a lot quicker (than most of the teams we’ve played). We played three games against them and won the first two but lost the third.”

Deason is in her first year of playing for the Oklahoma Athletics, a team she heard about through some of the softball relationships she has made in the past. She plays outfield and second base for the competitive squad.

“We played (the Czech Republic team) on one of the side fields at the National Hall of Fame stadium,” Deason said. “It was a familiar experience, because I’ve played so many state games there.”

Deason and the Athletics left for Gold Nationals last week and will be gone for a week. While at the national tournament, the team will play at least four games.

“It’s my first time to go (to Nationals), it’s exciting,” Deason said.

The Oklahoma Athletics Gold started practice in February.

“(Playing competitive softball) definitely helps keep you up and keep you in shape,” Deason said. “It’s been great for the experience, skill development, and traveling that I have gotten to do. We qualified for Nationals in Louisiana, but my favorite trip was to Colorado. It was a showcase tournament and there were just a bunch of people there, it was great.”

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