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Sander brings technology experience to Surrey Hills Elementary

Maggie Sander is the new principal at Surrey Hills Elementary School. She has over 30 years of education experience, including technology and computer education.

After being a principal in Woodward for eight years and working in the district for 34 years, Maggie Sander will be starting anew at Surrey Hills Elementary as the new principal.

“My grandkids are here,” Sander said. “I’m here every weekend and I was ready for a change. I’ve always heard good things about the district, and how it’s on the cutting edge. I’m really excited about being a part of things here.”

Sander taught first-grade, fourth-grade and fifth-grade in Woodward before teaching elementary computers and technology. She then was an assistant principal at a middle school for two years.

“I believe Surrey Hills has a great start and I believe we just need to continue the growth that the school has made over the last few years,” Sander said. “Technology is a big part and I would like to see us add more to stay current. All future jobs will incorporate some sort of technology, and it might seem early, but learning about that technology starts now.”

One thing that attracted Sander to Surrey Hills was the family-like positive atmosphere that surrounds the school. The parent involvement at Surrey Hills was also something that impressed Sander. A system of active parents can help make any school function or event run smoother, and is something Sander truly appreciates.

“My goal is to make (Surrey Hills Elementary) a good place to be, that kids want to come to,” Sander said. “When they enjoy their environment, they learn more.”

The transition period for principals can always be tough, but former Surrey Hills principal Carla Smith is helping to make the change an easy one.

“Carla has been an awesome help,” Sander said. “I have some big shoes to fill. I’ve been really impressed with everyone I’ve met (at Surrey Hills Elementary).”

Students will report to Surrey Hills Elementary on Aug. 18. A supply list is available online. While there are no major projects on the slate for this year, Sander said she was very impressed by the new cafeteria and office space that was built last school year.

“I’m bringing in some new ideas that I want our team to discuss,” Sander said. “We’ll discuss ideas and make decisions on how we can add some variation to what the teachers have been doing.”

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