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Constituent voting for Williamson

Letter to the Editor:

In the fall of 2012 and the spring of 2013 my ward was in trouble.  We needed help to protect the health and safety of our families, friends and neighbors. An industrial wind complex was trying to move into our area.  We needed someone to listen to our concerns and make the health and safety of our ward and city a top priority. 

We found that in Bobby Williamson.

He campaigned tirelessly to get elected.  We knew he heard our concerns.  Once he was elected our City Councilman for ward 2 he studied the issue that was first and foremost on our minds–protecting the families in his ward.

He listened to, learned from and most of all respected his fellow councilmen, mayor, city manager and staff and because of this they were able to work together to find a resolution that would benefit the community to the best of their abilities. He has remained positive, accessible and helpful during his current term in office.

Yes, Piedmont needs better roads, we would like to have parks and a good, solid tax base but what we really need is to re-elect the city councilman who listens to our concerns, treats everyone with respect and works endlessly to make Piedmont the best city for it’s citizens to live in.

That is why Bobby Williamson is getting my vote on April 7th.

-Tony Waltrip,
Resident Ward 2

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