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Betty Tharp: very disturbed at the direction I see my nation changing

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

I am Betty Tharp. I was born in Piedmont 12-20-1924, 88 years ago. I am very disturbed at the direction I see my nation changing. I was a young bride during World War II and terrible memories that I have of events preceding and during the war in Germany are being repeated in our nation.

I recall reading that young people were encouraged to have as many children as they could, turn them over to the government to raise and marriage was not necessary as the people were too busy with the war effort to be bothered with families. Just drive past the children’s homes and think, ‘These are our nation’s children.’ How did that turn out? This week, I hear via TV that one in the high places said that our children didn’t belong to the parent but to the government. Did you hear that also? Does it send chills up your spine as it did mine? Remember Hillory’s book, It Takes A Village To Raise A Child? Is this what she meant? I feel that it is. Remember our president, before the election, saying that ‘You didn’t make your own success of your business, the government did that.’ Did that make you angry as you think how you toiled to achieve success? Well, it does make me angry!

Germany started to take control of everything in the country – slowly at first. As Hitler saw that he ‘got by with that’ he extended his take-over a little farther and then farther until he was in control of everything and no one could stop him. (Health Care, Auto Industry, Debt – make your own list) When enough people here are dependent on government subsidies, we who are not will be in the minority and we will have to work to feed the others. How is that working for you? No, thanks. I can’t afford it and I don’t speak Chinese very well either. Think about the Executive Orders which have passed without much of an out-cry from you and me. Overnight, with the stroke of a pen, we can lose the rest of our freedoms and they could probably never be regained. When good people have no guns, only criminals will have guns. Think, think, think, think, think, what can we do?

Betty Tharp

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