Talking Trash New waste collection truck should stop citizen complaints, officials say

By Tim Farley, News Editor

Piedmont trash customers should be happy when a new $380,000 waste truck comes patrolling through their neighborhoods. The new truck will begin its Piedmont routes late this week after driver training and a license is obtained for the vehicle, according to David Bahrenburg, assistant regional vice president for WCA Waste. Bahrenburg said the new trash truck was scheduled to be used in Piedmont before a deluge of complaints hit city hall and WCA. Residents were angered that trash pickup was delayed and that trash was blown throughout the neighborhoods. Piedmont’s three-year contract with WCA continues through March 2018. At that point, city officials will seek bids from multiple companies...

Dave Anderson

Canadian County Commissioner District 2

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Chickens back on city council agenda

By Mindy Ragan Wood, Staff Writer

The controversial chicken ordinance is up for another debate at Monday night’s city council meeting. The question centers on if chickens should be kept in residential areas, a subject that has created heated discussion in previous council meetings. The council discussed changes in light of several citizens claiming the ordinance was too restrictive. However, some of those requests are not reflected in the new proposal that will be presented Monday. The ordinance applies to citizens inside city limits. Chickens would not be allowed on lots less than one acre. Six could be kept on one acre, 12 on two acres, 18 on three acres, 24 on four acres and 30 on five acres.
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A new trash truck was brought into Piedmont this week to demonstrate its functionality. The trash collection company that serves Piedmont has come under fire for poor service. The new truck pictured above will be used in Piedmont, replacing older models that had numerous mechanical issues, creating a delay in trash pickup. (Photo by Tim Farley)

Commissioners want law firm to review investigative report

By Madeline Bussett, Staff Writer

EL RENO - Canadian County commissioners decided Monday to hire an independent law firm to review an investigative report that will focus on sexual and employment harassment allegations from employees at the juvenile justice center. The commissioners will select either the McAfee-Taft or the Fuller-Tub law firm to represent them in these employment matters. The move was made after suggestions from Associate District Judge Bob Hughey that the county retain an attorney who specializes in employment law. Typically, the district attorney would represent the county, but due to the lack of specialty in employment law, Hughey said the county should seek outside counsel. District 2 Commissioner Dave Anderson said he tried contact the McAfee-Taft firm, but has not heard back. Anderson showed no clear preference for either firm during the meeting.