Area liquor store cited

School board member owns Vineyard Wine & Spirits

By Tim Farley, News Editor


An area liquor store owned by Piedmont Board of Education member Jared Moser was one of several targets of a law enforcement sting centered on illegal booze sales to underage buyers.

The store, Vineyard Wine & Spirits, was one of nine liquor or convenience stores checked by Canadian County Sheriff’s deputies and two underage people who assisted with the compliance check. Vineyard Wine & Spirits is located at 12121 Northwest Expressway.

The Piedmont-Surrey Gazette attempted to reach Moser, but he did not return a telephone call for comment. The newspaper left a message with a store employee who said he would give it to Moser.

A Vineyard store employee, identified as Austin James McClung, 24, of Oklahoma City, illegally sold a bottle of Burnette’s Vodka at 6:07 p.m. on April 10, the sheriff’s report shows.

A store employee at the next door convenience store, Total Express, 12121 Northwest Expressway, sold a four-pack of Bud Light to another underage buyer. The store employee was identified as Kameshia Leigh Yeager, 25, of Oklahoma City. The sale at Total Express occurred nine minutes before the purchase at the liquor store.  [Read More]


Stone Ridge Elementary music teacher Julie Ely works with students Hayley Wickham, right, and Lacey Do. Ely was named the district’s Teacher of the Year.  (Photo by Tim Farley)




County lawmen battle child predators


Dozens of child predators across Oklahoma have been arrested since Canadian County began its Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) unit six years ago.

During that time, investigators and prosecutors have taken men who are “just evil” and placed them behind bars where prison justice often is dispensed for prisoners convicted of hurting children, according to Adam Flowers, captain at the county sheriff’s department.

Flowers started the Crimes Against Children unit in 2011 in partnership with the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation.

The OSBI partnership and funding from the state legislature allows county investigators to follow cases anywhere in Oklahoma.

“As long as the nexus involves children and the Internet, we can go anywhere in the state,” he said.

Although most of the child predator cases are focused on Canadian County victims and suspects, Flowers said he has tracked suspects as far away as Alva in northwestern Oklahoma. Other cases originated in Garvin County, Beckham County, Tulsa and Seminole.  [Read More]

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An employee at Vineyard Wine & Spirits was cited for making an illegal booze sale to an underage person during a county sheriff’s compliance check April 10. (Photo by Tim Farley)


Piedmont’s Teacher of the Year has special gig

By Tim Farley, News Editor


Stone Ridge Elementary music teacher Julie Ely has the best gig in town. She gets to “sing, dance and play” all day.

Ely, an educator for the past 22 ½ years, recently was named Teacher of the Year for the Piedmont school district. She has spent the last eight years helping Piedmont students understand and appreciate the world of music.

Students learn about different instruments and styles of music, including classic rock-n-roll and country. They’ve been exposed to songs like “Thriller,” “Listen to the Music,” and “Fight Song.” They also learn how to write lyrics and mesh them with music.

For Ely, music is a way of life and that’s the message she delivers to her students.  [Read More]

Capt. Adam Flowers

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