Deputy arrested for DUI

Suspect fired by sheriff after causing property damage in Piedmont


By Mindy Ragan Wood, Staff Writer – A Canadian County sheriff’s deputy has been fired after his arrest for DUI and destruction of property in Piedmont.

Cameron Timothy Henderson, son of Oklahoma County District Judge Timothy R. Henderson, was off duty in his unit when he crashed into a ditch near NW 164th and Cemetery Road Friday night.

By the end of Monday, Sheriff Chris West had fired Henderson and released the termination letter to the public.

The letter reads that Henderson was fired for several policy violations based on the police reports they received.

The termination letter reads that Henderson was involved in at least three separate property collisions before he finally careened into a ditch.

“When your vehicle finally came to rest in a creek area, you got out of the unit armed with a personally owned pistol. You went to a house near where your unit stopped and knocked on their back door. The home owner didn’t know who was knocking. He told you, ‘you need to leave, I have a gun.’ You responded, ‘so do I.’ Officers from the Piedmont Police Department arrived and you were subsequently arrested.”

Henderson consented to a breath test and blew a .24, at least three times the legal limit.

He was transferred to the Yukon municipal jail to sober up, and later posted bond.

“We put him there for safety reasons,” Piedmont Police Chief Scott Singer said. “We don’t just do that for officers, but for anyone we think will be a safety risk.”

Officers who are arrested are held in a single cell due to the increased risk of inmate violence. Henderson was a former detention deputy who worked in direct contact with inmates at the Canadian County Jail.

Singer said Sheriff West and his staff were cooperative with their investigation. Charges have been presented to the Canadian County District Attorney for DUI, leaving the scene of a property damage accident and possession of a firearm while under the influence. He had not been formally charged at press time.

Henderson began working for the Canadian County Sheriff Department in February 2015 as a detention deputy at the jail. Two years later he was transferred to the school truancy program before starting patrol in September.

Sheriff’s officials said that the deputy did not have a history of disciplinary issues.

Henderson’s father could not be reached for comment at press time.