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‘World’s smallest jet’ soars over Piedmont

Photo by Heather Sterzick
FLS Microjet pilot Justin Lewis of Choctaw and Photographer Heather Sterzick of the Sundance Airport Flight Academy soar 2,500 feet over Piedmont Jan. 2. This photo was taken during the evening sunset over the Cottonwood Creek Reservoir near 234th NE and Frisco Road.


  1. Vernon Woods says:

    Great picture. Who took the photograph? And the lake is also called Reins Lake.

  2. mmontgomery says:

    Thanks for the comment, Vernon. The photo is by Heather Sterzick, the general manager at Sundance Airpark.

  3. Sarah Lewis says:

    This is the FLS Microjet based out of Sundance Airport. You can like them on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/flsmicrojet or http://www.flsmicrojet.com .

  4. Vernon Woods says:

    I figured it wasn’t a ‘selfie’.

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