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Surrey Hills woman arrested on drug, child abuse charges

Matt Montgomery

A Surrey Hills woman was arrested last week on complaints of possession of drugs and child abuse. Canadian County sheriff’s deputies arrested Kerry Nicole Thrift, 25, of Surrey Hills last Monday after receiving information that she had allegedly abused her children, according to reports.

Sheriff’s deputies responded to her home in Surrey Hills, where she lives with her parents.
Investigators working on the case entered the home after they spoke to Thrift’s parents, explaining why they were there.

After they made contact with Thrift, they were able to determine she had physically handled her children in a manner that left marks and bruising on the children’s bodies.

“Kerry said she is a firm believer in discipline and referred to herself as, “Old School.” She talked about spankings and she stated, “I’m afraid I’m going to lose myself,’” the investigator in the case said. “She continually talked about how she was “Under pressure,” and how the neighbors and everyone around her are always concerned for her children.”

According to reports, Thrift’s own parents confirmed with sheriff’s deputies the nature of her abusiveness toward her children. Her parents allegedly even supplied investigators with photographic proof to support their claims.

After speaking to Thrift, deputies were made aware by Thrift herself, that she was a drug abuser.
After a consent to search her bedroom was issued, investigators allegedly found marijuana and methamphetamine.

According to the investigator’s report, the investigators found a box that contained various sizes of white, crystal-like substance and various items consistent with drug use, such as a mirror, a partial coat hanger, a rolled up U.S. currency dollar bill, a U.S. nickel, three straws and four baggies. A field test confirmed the substance was indeed methamphetamine.

In addition to the marijuana and methamphetamine, they also found two peach colored pills lying on her dresser. Thrift said they were Adderall pills, but she couldn’t provide investigators with a valid prescription for the medication.

Thrift’s four-year-old son was shown in pictures provided to investigators with large red marks on both sides of his neck. Thrift also advised offers she suffers from two mental health disorders, according to the report.

Thrift was taken to the Canadian County jail and booked on complaints of child abuse and multiple counts of possession of a controlled dangerous substance as well as drug paraphernalia.
Her bail was set at $65,000.

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