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Surrey Hills authors release women’s softball world series book

By Matt Montgomery

Surrey Hills authors Larry Floyd and Bill Plummer are set to release a book showcasing the Women’s College World Series held in Oklahoma City. Some of the proceeds from the book will go towards the Piedmont softball team.
Floyd said he and Plummer worked together in the early 1990s at the Women’s Softball Hall of Fame in the communications department. Their experience covering the Women’s College World Series for many years inspired them to catalogue the history of the world series in this book, A Series of Their Own: The History of the Women’s College World Series.
Floyd said he and Plummer have kept in touch over the years. Floyd went on to become a journalist covering women’s softball for many years.
“He (Plummer) had a couple of times broached the idea of doing something about the Women’s College World Series,” Floyd said. “I was working there in the early ‘90s when it came to Oklahoma City in 1990. As the years went on, that event has gotten bigger and bigger.”
As media coverage of the World Series grew over the years, the attraction to the event grew. Floyd said about a year and a half ago, Plummer and he talked about how to market and write the book.
“We started on it and kind of wanted it to be an official record of what went on all the way back to 1969,” he said. “Before the NCAA got a hold of that, it was with the old AIAW, the Association of Inter-Collegiate Athletics for Women.”
Oklahoma City got an interest in the World Series back in 1990. He said that’s when a group of people got it moved to Oklahoma City, permanently.
Floyd said the process of researching the book was the hardest. He said during the late 1960s into the early 1970s the World Series moved around. He said former tournament director Connie Claussen was the driving force the first 10 years of the tournament,

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