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Staying friends over the years

By Matt Montgomery
News Editor

Making friends is hard enough when you’re in first grade, but if you make the right friends that bond of friendship can last through high school and maybe for the rest of life.

Piedmont High School seniors Kaitlyn Cornman, Ashley Almond and Morgan Phillips started their friendship more than 12 years ago, sitting next to each other in class, playing on the swings and having sleep overs at each other’s houses.

Most of the time, people drift away from each other over the years, it’s just a part of life. However, these three girls have remained friends for 12 years, still hang out at each other’s houses and still go to school together.
Cornman said her mom and Almond’s mom are really good friends, so that has helped keep them in touch for so long.

They said they don’t hang out as much these days because Almond plays basketball for Piedmont and Cornman is on the Piedmont cheer squad.
After high school, the girls may move to different parts of the state, but they plan to stay in touch with each other.

Phillips and Cornman said they plan to attend Oklahoma State University and room together in the dorms at Stillwater. Almond said she plans to try out for a Division II college basketball team, but doesn’t have a particular college in mind.

Cornman and Almond said they can still remember all the good times they have shared together over the years.

“We can still go back and talk about all the things that we used to do,” Almond said.

Cornman could remember a time when the girls went mattress surfing together. She said her friend had a barn with a lot of mattresses in it, and the girls would climb on the mattresses together.

Almond recalled the time when Cornman first moved into her new house and the girls slid down the stairs in sleeping bags.

Matt Montgomery/Gazette
From left to right are Morgan Phillips, Ashley Almond and Kaitlyn Corman. This picture was taken last Thursday at Piedmont High School. It was the first day of their senior year.
This picture was taken in 2000 when the same three girls, standing in the same order, from left to right, were standing in front of Piedmont Primary School for the start of Kindergarten.

The girls said they would never forget the memories that have kept them friends all these years and plan to stay in contact with each other as long as they can.

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