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Piedmont house fire total loss

Lucia Wyant/Gazette
This house located on Canyon Road in south Piedmont caught on fire Monday morning. The house appears to be completely destroyed. More details will follow in next week’s Piedmont-Surrey Gazette.


  1. Vernon Woods says:

    That house is in north OKC – not south Piedmont. The CoC can give you a map to help you figure out where you are.

    • Sue Lewis says:

      Probably just a mistake. No need to be rude.

      • Concerned says:

        Vernon is always rude. That’s why he got kicked off the city council. People were just sick and tired of his juvenile antics.

    • Ant says:

      Canyon rd is in Northwood with a 73078 address, maybe technically OKC but for most referred to as Piedmont. Your hatred for this paper sure shows through…

  2. kate kearby says:

    The misunderstanding of Piedmont People of the differences between the city limits, the zip code and the school district probably cost Don a few votes when he ran for council. Since the avg price of housing used in another paper quoted the Real Estate used zip code. Oh and ‘Piedmont Area Chamber of Commerce’ is another boundary of confusion. It would be nice if the papers in town would do a study and article on that subject.

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