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Piedmont family’s home catches on fire Wednesday evening

Lucy Wyant/Gazette
Ty and Kim Brown’s home caught fire Wednesday evening, Feb. 27. The Piedmont Fire Department and the Oklahoma City Fire Department put out the blaze before it could spread much further than the garage. An updated story will appear in the March 7 edition of the Piedmont-Surrey Gazette.

By Matt Montgomery

Kim and Ty Brown, who live on Paulette Drive in Piedmont were at home Wednesday, Feb. 27 at about 6 p.m., when the family dog, Barney, alerted Ty there was a problem. Ty Brown said when Barney normally alerts him the way he did is because it is time for him to go outside. This time, he was letting the Brown’s know their garage was on fire.

Ty Brown looked out the blinds in the living room and noticed smoke coming from the garage area and knew there was definitely a problem. He then woke his wife, Kim, up. She works nights for American Airlines so she was fast asleep when the fire started.

Ty Brown then grabbed their other two dogs, Dixie and Diesel, and the family stood at the edge of the grass as Piedmont Fire and Rescue and the Piedmont Police Department rushed onto the scene to put the fire out before it engulfed the hole house. Most of the damage was restricted to the garage area.

Ty and Kim Brown praised the Piedmont Fire Department for their quick response time and for saving the family Amazon parrot, Oscar, and the family hamster, Houdini.

“Piedmont Fire Chief Andy Logan is an asset to the Piedmont community,” Kim Brown said. “He is a great man. Not only were they (the fire department) concerned about our safety, they took time to save our pets.”

However, she said it was devastating to watch her kid’s belongings literally go up in smoke. But, the Brown’s are confident that they will be able to rebuild. In fact, one of their kids’ prized possessions, a mini drag car, was saved and parked on the side of the house. Ty Brown said after the 2011 F-5 tornado hit Piedmont, the family beefed up their insurance policy.

Ty also said he voted for the one cent sales tax for the Piedmont Fire Department and may have gripped about it at the time, but said he will never gripe about it again.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation by the Piedmont Fire Department. The Oklahoma City Fire Department assisted in putting out the flames.

The Browns are staying with Ty’s mother in Edmond for the time being.

Watch for an updated and complete story in the March 7 edition of the Piedmont-Surrey Gazette.

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