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Piedmont Elementary participates in Bully Prevention Month

By Matt Montgomery

October marks National Bully Prevention Month, nationwide, but right here at Piedmont Elementary, Counselor Cathy Adams is helping the students be more aware of bullying.

Last week, the third and fourth graders stood up in front of the entire school and made a pledge that they wouldn’t participate in bullying.

Adams said she is excited about Bully Prevention Month, and the pledges given by the students at Wildcat Wake-up were a good start to the month, and there will be lessons throughout the next few weeks in the classrooms.

“The idea is to teach the children what bullying is, what strategies they can use, dealing with a bullying situation,” she said.

Oct.23 will mark a parenting talk, Adams said, explaining that the parents will come to the elementary from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m.

To Adams, she said Bully Prevention Month is more of an education and awareness that bullying has become a big problem with the advent of social media sites.

Matt Montgomery/Gazette
The third and fourth grade students of Piedmont Elementary give their pledge to the rest of the school last week at Wildcat Wake up that they won’t bully and will participate in Bully Prevention Month throughout October.

Kids aren’t just getting bullied on the playground these days; they are also getting bullied on Facebook and other social media outlets.

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