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PHOTOS: WCA offers Piedmont a free lunch

Allen Cox flipped hot dogs and burgers at a cookout sponsored by WCA for Piedmont residents.

Volunteers from WCA braved high temperatures on Saturday to offer the Piedmont community a free lunch with a hot dog and hamburger cookout in the parking lot of Williams Foods grocery store.

Jared Franz, one of the volunteers with the waste management company, said the cookout was a way to give back to the community and remind victims of the May 24 tornado that they have not been forgotten.

“The stuff that some (Piedmont) families went through was tragic and we are here to help,” Franz said. “We service the Piedmont area and we wanted residents to know that we haven’t  forgot about them and their needs.”

In addition to a free lunch for all that stopped by, Franz said donations were also being collected. Franz said there were 20 to 30 employees and volunteers at the cook out.

Chloe Rowland, 3, of Piedmont enjoys a cookie and a hot dog at the WCA cookout on July 30.

Michael Pippin and Amy Jo Lindsey passed out free hot dogs and hamburgers to Piedmont residents at a cookout sponsored by WCA on July 30.

Trevor Rowland, 13, enjoys a hot dog with his brother Payton Rowland, 11, at a cookout sponsored by WCA on July 30.

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