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Oldest Piedmont resident has voted in many elections

Odessa Moffat image

Matt Montgomery/Gazette
Ninety-eight-year-old Odessa Moffat casts her ballot Tuesday afternoon at First United Methodist Church in Piedmont. Moffat has voted in many elections over the years, her first when she was 21 years old. She lives in Piedmont and was born in Warrensburg, Mo. in 1916.

By Matt Montgomery

Piedmont resident Odessa Moffat has voted in many elections in her 98 years.

Arita Bickerstaff took her to her polling place Tuesday at First United Methodist Church in Piedmont to vote for her candidates.

She said she studied up on this year’s candidates by reading newspaper articles about them.

She recalled some of the most notable elections she has been a part of during her lifetime.

Maybe her favorite election came in 1980, when she helped the California governor and former actor become the 40th president of the United States.

“He’s my favorite of all (presidents),” Moffat said.

Moffat said she could have voted by absentee ballot, but she would have missed out on taking a trip to the polls and have lunch with Bickerstaff.

“I just don’t like to vote absentee,” she said. “As long as I can be out around people, I’m going to come and vote.”

She said she lives alone and likes to get out when she can.
She said her kids are young enough to have their own kids in college and she said her family helps her a lot.
She was born in Warrensburg, Mo. in 1916. She married Jim Moffat and has lived in Piedmont for most of her life.
She and Jim raised a family here and their children raised their families here.
Wade and Carol Moffat are her children.

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