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Missing dog found after extensive search

By Matt Montgomery

Julie Riggs can finally find some sort of closure knowing where her 12-year-old boxer, Deacon is. A family who lives down the road from the Riggs found Deacon lying dead in a field while riding their four-wheeler in an area where friends and family had searched for him for days.

It was Thursday, Aug. 30 when the terminally-ill Deacon came up missing. Riggs said he had stage-end cancer and didn’t walk more than 250 feet from their front doorstep.

So, when he suddenly disappeared, Riggs became suspicious that someone could have picked the dog up thinking it was lost or even stole him.

“He had gotten to the point where his balance wasn’t very good, so he wouldn’t go very far,” Riggs said. “He really liked to go to the mailbox.”

The Riggs live on a five-acre isolated area with a fence line surrounding the property, so Riggs said it would’ve been virtually impossible for him to escape.

Riggs said she knew Deacon’s days were numbered because of the poor health he was in, but never thought he could just disappear the way he did. She said their family had even considered putting him down, but decided against that idea.

“We put him out with one of our younger dogs, put them out together and my son went to let them back in and the other dog barked and he was gone. He was just absolutely gone.”

After an exhausted search, Riggs called the Piedmont Police Department and filled a report that her dog went missing.

She even sought out the help of an only pet search engine called, www.lostmydoggie.com.

She paid the company $90 online and the company reacted immediately by sending out calls to 500 homes in and around her house on County Line and Edmond Road.

Riggs made flyers, called every veternarian clinic in the surrounding areas, pet shelters and utilized Facebook to enhance the search, but to no avail.

She said she and her family took riding lawnmowers and go-carts and searched their five acres for nearly two weeks.

It was Tuesday, Sept. 11 that a neighbor and his family found Deacon while riding their four-wheeler with their daughter.

He was about an acre away from the Riggs’ property.

Riggs said she would suggest to any animal owners in Piedmont that if someone’s animal were to get loose, to utilize the pet search website because although it didn’t find her dog, she said she felt that it would be a very effective tool for somebody else.

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