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Hader defeats Higgins, Bice defeats Thomas

Marc Hader

By Matt Montgomery

Republican voters in Canadian County have chosen Surrey Hills resident Marc Hader as their candidate for the general election in November against Democrat Justin Atkinson, and have chosen Edmond businesswoman Stephanie Bice as their next senator in Oklahoma Senate District 22.

Hader defeated Higgins in the runoff election Tuesday, garnering 59.1 percent of the total county votes. Higgins received 40.9 percent. Hader received a total of 1,341 votes and Higgins received 927 total votes. Piedmont voters followed suit, casting a total of 328 votes for Hader and 256 for Higgins.

Stephanie Bice

Bice edged Thomas in the senate race by receiving 53.1 percent of the votes, with a total of 2,693 votes. Thomas received 46.9 percent of the votes, with a total of 2,381 votes. Voters in Piedmont also followed the trend of voters in Oklahoma County and Canadian County. Bice received a total of 305 votes from the three Piedmont Precincts and Thomas received 271 total votes in Piedmont.

Hader will face Democrat Justin Atkinson during the General Election in November, but said he and his wife, Denise Crosswhite Hader, will take a sabatical and unwind before they hit the campaign trail again.

Hader also wanted to thank the voters for supporting him in the polls.

“I’m obviously delighted,” Hader said following the results of the election. “Canadian County is the fastest growing county in America. This place is changing. It’s a wonderful place to live. We got out early (in the campaign) and worked hard.”

Hader wanted to thank Piedmont voters in particular for responding to his responses published in recent forums in the local newspaper. Specifically, Hader referred to a question the Gazette asked recently regarding the juvenile justice center.

Bice was unavailable for comment Tuesday night.

In other area election news, Okarche voters passed the Okarche School District Transportation Bond issue Tuesday night by an overwhelming majority. Okarche voters’ “yes” votes totaled 235, accounting for 73.2 percent of the total votes. The “no” votes totaled 80, with 26.8 percent of the total votes. That bond is a $350,000 transportation bond to be used to purchase several new buses for the district. The bond will increase Okarche residents’ taxes by at least 3.71 percent.

The results from the election boards are unofficial results. Once the official results are made public, the Gazette will publish them.


  1. kate kearby says:

    sad sad sad, we had such a good opportunity to improve county relationships and move forward. I’ll be voting Democrat for that office in the fall.

  2. kate kearby says:

    Appears someone read my comments and thinks I’m turning away from ‘my own kind’ not so. It is also some one who I think goes by a fake name here. Said if I voted for Bice I was going against my statement about needing someone that could connect us better with the County. Bice didn’t run for a County office. I hope plans for the new County Fairgrounds with all the great opportunities and economic impact available to the county goes forward and that the County continues to thrive and the City of Piedmont is able to go with it.

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