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Francel holds senate fund raiser at Chester’s

By Matt Montgomery

Piedmont community members gathered at Chester’s Party Barn Saturday to meet and raise funds for Senate District 22 candidate Leif Francel, Republican from Piedmont.
Traveling Oklahoma magician Steve Crawford, from Ponca City, performed magic tricks for kids and adults at the fund raiser. Crawford most notably introduced rock musician icon Alice Cooper during the 1970s before Cooper’s concerts.
Francel is running for Senator Rob Johnson’s senate seat. Also running for the seat are Stephanie Bice and Mark Thomas.
Francel was happy that people from the community came to the event to support their hometown senate candidate.
“It’s so great to see the support of family and friends here in our community,” Francel said. “It’s motivating and inspiring as we enter the final months of the campaign season.”
Fracel is a science teacher at Deer Creek High School.

Matt Montgomery/Gazette
Being a politician means shaking hands and kissing babies. This time the politician, Leif Francel, was getting kissed by the baby, Adele Allsup (2 years old).

Matt Montgomery/Gazette
Magician Steve Crawford, center, pulls a chicken out of a patrioitic hat during a performance for Jaclyn Foster and Leif Francel, far left, at Chester’s Party Barn Saturday. Far right is Blake Isenberg.

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