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DUCK Week draws Duck Dynasty star

By Matt Montgomery

Matt Montgomery/Gazette
A&E’s Duck Dynasty star, Jase Robertson, will kick off DUCK Week March 9 at Yukon High School with an hour-long featured speech.

The rumors are true. Piedmont High School has managed to get A&E’s Duck Dynasty star Jase Robertson to speak at 7 p.m., Sunday, March 10, during the DUCK Week kick off concert at Yukon High School.

DUCK Week coordinator Alissa Antwine said tickets for the concert featuring Robertson will go on sale sometime in the next couple of weeks at Piedmont High School. There are no online sales.
She said Robertson will give about a 45 minute to an hour speech about his faith and his family. He will also talk about DUCK Week.

Because DUCK Week is a week devoted to raising money for needy recipients, the high school will be offering V.I.P. tickets for $100 that include a front-row seat in front of the stage and a signed picture with Robertson and his wife, Missy. Antwine said the V.I.P. tickets are limited, with only 100 to 150 available.

Standard tickets for the event are $25.

“We are limiting the V.I.P. tickets to 100 for right now,” she said. “We haven’t sold any yet but they want to buy them.”

Last year, DUCK Week raised more than $100,000 for its recipients and families and Antwine said with the addition of Jase Robertson speaking, the event should well exceed that mark.

“We were so excited when we found out we got it, because it kind of puts us on the map,” Antwine said. “We finally feel like somebody is paying attention to what we are doing.”

Antwine added that all of the other schools that have event weeks donate their monies to organizations or charities, and DUCK Week is solely dedicated to providing the money to recipients in the community.

This year’s recipients are Robert Hurd, Joanne Hall, Scott Garnand and the Puckett family.

Hurd works as a custodian at Piedmont Intermediate and was formerly a custodian at Piedmont High School for many years. He is battling pancreatic cancer which has since spread to his bones.

Hall is a cafeteria worker at Northwood Elementary. Antwine said she is in the hospital right now, battling leukemia. Faculty advisor Kathy Davis said Hall had battled cancer for several years and said she had battled cancer before and beat it, but has since gone into remission. “She’s been in isolation because her immune system is down,” Davis said. “She thought so she could beat it once, she could beat it twice.”

Garnand is the husband of second grade Piedmont Elementary teacher Anita Garnand. He sometimes volunteers at the elementary school, but is unable to work right now because he is suffering from kidney failure that stems back to his childhood. Antwine said Garnand thought he had outgrown his kidney issue but come to find out that five years ago, but the problem resurfaced. He is on dialysis and has been for a while, and is on the kidney transplant list. “Their situation is very dire,” Antwine said. “They definitely need our help.”

The Puckett family recently lost their son, Justin, who had suffered a long battle with brain cancer. Antwine said that a lot of people originally contacted them with the hopes of Justin being a recipient. However, since he recently passed away, the kids at Piedmont High School have made it a point to help raise money for his family. “They’ve done so much for the community,” Antwine said. “Justin and his brothers Jared and Jimmy helped with DUCK Week when they were in high school and Justin was actually a part of the group that won the talent show at DUCK Week.”

Antwine said she and everyone involved with DUCK Week are very confident that with the help of Jase Robertson and all of the fundraising activities during that week, they will exceed the $100,000 earmark and help this year’s recipients.

Matt Montgomery/Gazette
A&E’s Duck Dynasty star, Jase Robertson, will kick off DUCK Week March 9 at Yukon High School with an hour-long featured speech.

For more information about DUCK Week or to make a donations, contact Alissa Antwine of Piedmont High School at 373-5011 or visit the school’s website, http://www.piedmontschools.org/vnews/display.v/SEC/Piedmont%20High%20School.

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