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City council approves 4 road projects

By Matt Montgomery

Monday night, the Piedmont city council voted unanimously to approve four repair projects at a total cost of $510,825.60.

The four bids the city council approved Monday were for unit prices through Silver Star Construction and Woods and Son Paving.

All of the bids the council approved Monday will come back to the city council for final approval during a special meeting and will be applied to next year’s fiscal year budget.

The first project approved Monday night, is a bid from Canadian County District No. 3 at a unit price of $217,550.80, for the roadway stabilization improvements on Stout Drive, from Edmond Road south to below Monroe Ave. NW; on SaraRoad NE, from Edmond Road NE (178th Street) North to Arrowhead Road NE (192nd); on Waterloo Road, from Mustang Road NE, east to Sara Road NE.

The second project approved was for the bid from Silver Star Construction at a cost of $73,685 for the application of a three-inch Type S-4 asphalt paving to Stout Drive NW (7th Street), from Edmond Road NW, south to below Monroe Ave. NW.

The third project approved was for a bid from Woods and Son Paving at a cost of $154,301.80 for the application of a double layer of oil and chip on Waterloo Road east, from Mustang Road NE to Sara Road NE, and on Sara Road NE, from Edmond Road NE (178th Street) north to Arrowhead Road NE (192nd Street).

The final project approved Monday was for a bid from Canadian County District No. 3 at a cost of both $32,542.20 and $32,745 from Silver Star Construction for the roadway stabilization on Northridge Lane ($32,542.20) and for the application of a double layer of Oil and Chip on Northridge Lane ($32,745).

In other business, the Piedmont city council also approved the action on budget amendments for the 2014 City of Piedmont general fund, capital improvement project, fire department, street and alley, and USDA.


  1. kate kearby says:

    Drove ‘Northridge’ after the meeting, at first we thought they were talking about Ridge Rd. Anyway, 220th when you turn east off Piedmont Rd for that first 1/4 mile could use that money more and would benefit more people. Northridge while a little rough is not that bad? Does that street not have an HOA and why is it the responsibility of the city. I’ve heard of other HOA neighborhoods becoming city responsibility for the streets, How does that work? I think the city with it’s limited funds should stick to the in town roads like Stout because of the schools, library and bus issues there, but outside down town stay on the section line roads first please. JMHO

  2. KD says:

    The country roads are a part of piedmont city limits as well. Why shouldn’t they maintain them? I pay taxes just like you do! And for the school buses on Stout. They are ruining that road and the school should help pay for the repairs! That road will be trashed in 1 year. Put the buses out in Piedmont Rd. and keep them off of Stout it’s too narrow for them anyway!

  3. JT says:

    Just because a Home Owners Association exists does not automatically make the street private. It all depends on how it was platted. The plat for North Ridge Estates shows a 60′ R/W for North Ridge Lane and is marked “PUBLIC”. It also has a 4″ water main in it. That leads me to the conclusion that it is a public street.

  4. JT says:

    So the county is going to do the stabilization and a contractor is going to do the chip and seal. Interesting. I hope they can synchronize their schedules.

    Nice that North Ridge Estates gets their street redone. How about Rolling Prairie Estates? Van Buren, Monroe and Badger St are in a deplorable condition.

  5. kate kearby says:

    Thanks for the info, I travel Monroe don’t know about the other streets you mention but I don’t think Monroe is ‘deplorable’ , fairly good condition compared to others. 220th east is worse then 220 west, both are not good.

  6. JT says:

    You travel on Monroe in Rolling Prairie Estates? Then keep going east and follow the loop around until you are going back west, you’ll be on Monroe then. You’ll see what I mean.

    North Ridge Lane is a dead end street with 15 or 16 houses on it. I’m still puzzled how it got approved.

  7. Charles Coffman says:

    Just some FYI. Rain has caused delays in fixing pot holes, I drove with the city manager last week and we went through Rolling Prairie as well as most of the streets in my Ward. I have asked or some work to be done in Rolling Prarie and several other areas. Someroads are really so far gone they have to be redone. The councilmen are all doing the same and we are finding areas that have been left for way too long. The city manager has a full court press going but it is really slow dueto weather. In the case of North Ridge Bobby was acting on residents requests for that area. The tornado and rebuild construction work wore it out. We will need to do a comprehensive road plan and I have asked about a grid system for maintenance. The trouble was we had no crew to do this. In the recent budget we approved hiring 2 more folks to just work on roads. It is a bite scattered now, but we will get it all on a maintenance plan. Sorry folks, it Ida real mess.

  8. Charles Coffman says:

    JT… I especially pointed out Badger and the intersection areas just before it… That was last Monday before the rains.

  9. Darrel Booth says:

    If one takes a cruise east of Piedmont Rd on Monroe to approx. the 400 block and follow around the curve you might want to notify your next of kin before leaving. There may even be a VW found in the hole. Going on around to Madison and go west toward Piedmont Rd you should really check the wheels if you make it all the way. Appear to be a lost and/ or forgotten area of Piedmont.

  10. Charles Coffman says:

    Just drove Rolling Hills, it is now patched along with Mustang.(short term I know). I took a drive to check on it after our special council meeting tonight. We did approve the roads mentioned in the news story. Darrel, I will pass that area on to your councilman.

    • Darrel Booth says:

      I don’t live in that ward. For that matter it depends on the meaning of live if you are in that ward. Own property would come more fitting.

      • Charles Coffman says:

        I stand corrected, but owning property means you have a vested interest. Have a great 4th.

  11. Charles Coffman says:

    Rolling Prairie, sorry I just got back from Montana, still seeing hills ha ha. ,

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