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11-year-old Piedmont girl shows drag racing isn’t an all-boys club

Submitted by Rachel Schiller
Eleven-year-old Piedmont resident Madison Brown drives a Junior Dragster that can run an 1/8 mile in under 8 seconds.

By Alissa Olden
Local Development
Manager for Oklahoma Virtual Charter Academy

Fast cars. Loud engines. And a need for speed. This is the life of 11-year-old Madison Brown, one of a growing percentage of girls picking up a helmet for junior drag racing.

Madison drives a Junior Dragster that can go as fast as 85 mph and travel an eighth-mile under 8 seconds. Madison sees almost as many girls as boys racing across the finish line with her.

Madison Brown

Despite traveling all over the country for multi-day races every week, Madison is still able to keep up with her studies thanks to Oklahoma Virtual Charter Academy, an online school.

Rather than completing her schoolwork in a classroom, Madison can spend the long road trips to racing sites doing homework from the Junior Dragster trailer that her family has outfitted with an office for her studies.

“Online programs can provide a level of flexibility for families to enjoy,” said Patrick Lambert, a licensed specialist in school psychology for K-12 with 20 years of experience. “While some classes require students to log-in at a specific time, most of them are able to be completed as the student’s schedule allows. This works particularly well for students competing in an activity at this level.”

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