Campus Life clubs help

teens deal with big issues

By Tim Farley, News Editor


Russell Migl doesn’t pretend he’s the next Billy Graham, but he is working on a similar mission by connecting with young people and promoting God’s Word.

Migl is the Oklahoma City Suburban Area Director at Youth for Christ, a non-profit that has started Campus Life clubs on several high school and middle school campuses in the metro area, including Yukon, Piedmont and Deer Creek.

However, Migl and Graham, a legendary evangelist and pastor who preached throughout the world, have something else in common. Graham was the non-profit’s first ever full-time employee.

As far as Migl is concerned, that’s where the connection ends. For now, Migl is focused on developing strong, Christian-focused relationships with students in this area. Billed as the nation’s oldest para-church group, Youth for Christ and its Campus Life clubs have a definite mission.    [Read More]


Allison Kuc, 13, is hoping for a kidney transplant that will take her off dialysis. (Submitted Photo)



New Okarche chief quick with changes

By Tim Farley, News Editor


OKARCHE - New Okarche Police Chief Mark Sterling wasted no time making plans and buying equipment for the department.

As a former U.S. Marine and longtime law enforcement officer, Sterling is quick and decisive with his actions. He pulls no punches when he talks about the condition of the police department and its lack of resources.

“Not only is this a challenge, there is no technology and no equipment,” he said, without reservation. “There is inadequate equipment. The car radios are not properly tuned to the antennas and the hand-helds don’t work, but they will shortly.”

Since his arrival a couple of weeks ago, Sterling is making changes. He’s changing the police frequency that “nobody uses anymore.” The town is installing a new directional antenna on top of city hall and new hand-held radios are being purchased that will cover a five-block area.    [Read More]

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Piedmont High School students are happy to have some breakfast as they gather for their weekly Campus Life meeting. (Photo courtesy Russell Migl)

Yukon girl hopes for transplant

By Heather Dean, Contributing Writer


Boxes filled with dialysis equipment flood the home of 13-year-old Yukon resident Allison Kuc, who is waiting on a lifesaving transplant.

Eight hours a night, Allison is connected to a machine which does the work of her kidneys.  Over the past three years, Allison has had several changes – and being diagnosed with kidney failure is one of them.

In the spring of 2014, Allison and her family had moved to their new home in Yukon. As an active pre-teen, she enjoyed playing soccer, riding her bike and participating in activities that other girls her age enjoy.

She was in fourth grade at the time, and took her shoes off when she got home from school. She put her feet up on her mom’s lap when she noticed her feet were swollen.  [Read More]

New Okarche Police Chief Mark Sterling has hit the ground running with several changes and the purchase of new equipment. (Photo by Holly Cowden)


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