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Ward I City Council filing period approaches interested parties

Staff Reports
Candidates who wish to run for Piedmont’s Ward 1 city council seat have from Feb. 4 to 6 to file for the city council seat. Larry Gage has held this position since 2007.

Residents living in Ward 1 have from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Feb.4, 5 and 6 to declare their bid for candidacy for the soon-to-be vacant Ward 1 seat, currently held by two-time councilman Larry Gage, Piedmont.

The original Piedmont Charter states that anyone who runs for the seat and wins, must hold their new role in Ward 1 for a term of no less than three years.

To register to be on the upcoming April 2, General Obligation bond ballot, one must reside in Ward 1.

For voters, absentee ballots will be allowed for this election. the Piedmont precincts and polling places will remain the same as they were in the past, for local, state and national elections.

The $6 million G.O bond and vacant Ward 1 seat are the only two options for voters April 2.

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