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Veterans building to be built at Piedmont Road and Edmond Road

Roger Pugh

The Piedmont Area Veterans, Inc. has announced released a rendering of the building they plan to construct to house a local veteran’s center and announced it will be built on donated land on Edmond Road, just west of the TLC Child Care Center, east of city hall.

The land on which the 30’ x 50’ structure will sit was donated by Piedmont Realtor and developer Phil Boevers.

John Bickerstaff, one of the organizers of the veterans group said paper work to transfer the land to the group is moving forward and should soon be complete. He said a sign indicating the site’s “future home” will soon be erected, and he hopes construction can start soon after the first of 2013.

He said the group would like to have $30,000 on deposit in December to ensure the start of construction, and it will take more than that amount to totally finish the interior with shelving, display cabinets and other needed accessories. He said the $30,000 will allow the pad, framing, roofing and other basic construction to be completed. Some of the labor and materials to build the facility have already been donated.

Leon Meyer, another of the organizers, said the building will feature a 10 ft. overhang in front, with stone pillars.

“It will really look nice and be something of which everyone in Piedmont can be proud,” Meyer said.

“Our vision for the building is three fold, one it will be part military museum, two it will be part military library and three we would eventually like to do some veterans counseling,” Bickerstaff recently said.

Bickerstaff said in an update to supporters this week that the group has just about finished work on the papers to incorporate the organization as a non-profit entity, and a bank account will be set up in the coming week to deposit donations.

Donations may be sent to the Piedmont Area Veterans, Inc., P.O. Box 194, Piedmont, OK 73078.

“If you remember the traveling Vietnam Wall coming to Piedmont in July 2009 you surely remember how Piedmont came together as one. It did not matter where you stood on the issues, all came together to make this event a memorable one for all citizens of Piedmont and the surrounding Piedmont area. It is the intent of this Veterans Building Organizational Committee to unite the community in the same fashion as then,” Bickerstaff said in his update.

He said the project is to honor the veterans but there are many people who are not veterans, but who will want to support the effort to get the facility built.

“We just need to let them know about it, and we want to include them,” he said.

Bickerstaff said the Organizational Committee will handle all the initial details, but once the city issues the Occupancy Permit, it the group will turn the operation of the building over to an elected Veterans Board to run the daily operations.

He noted four to six volunteers are needed to help work on some initial finance and design details, and those wanting to volunteer should contact him.

For questions, or to volunteer, contact Bickerstaff at 373-1424 or Meyer at 373-4820.

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