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The Plunging Po-Po’s dive into Polar Plunge frigid water

The Plunging Po-Po's

Submitted by David Annis
Piedmont Police officer Scott Gibbons and The Plunging Po-Po’s dived into the frigid cold water last Saturday, Feb. 16 at White Water Bay in Oklahoma City taking part in the Polar Plunge fundraiser.

By Matt Montgomery

Piedmont police officer and school resource officer Scott Gibbons bore the 40 degree water last Saturday at White Water Bay in Oklahoma City by diving into the Polar Plunge event.

Gibbons told The Gazette The Plunging Po-Po’s raised $5,000 representing the Piedmont Police Department. His team, The Plunging Po-Po’s is comprised of officers from several police departments including Oklahoma City and Piedmont.

“My personal goal was $1,000 and I beat that by about $700 so I was real pleased with that,” Gibbons said. “The money is what puts the (Special Olympics) winter and summer games on.”

Gibbons said the great thing about the Polar Plunge program is 10 percent of the funds that were raised are directly earmarked for the students in Piedmont. He said the money helps facilitate trips for students and student athletes to go on summer sports outings, and 10 percent of the assessed fees for a summer trip comes from the money generated from the Polar Plunge fundraiser.
“We are helping both the kids in our community and helping the (Oklahoma Special Olympics) games, too.


  1. Donya Hau says:

    The outside temperature was 22°…..the water felt like a million needles stinging as you entered the water but it was all for a good cause!!! Will certainly do it again next year!!

  2. Vernon Woods says:

    Ron, your wife is a bunch tougher than you – you better toe the(her) line!

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