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September 2012 sales tax check down from September 2011 figure

By Roger Pugh

The monthly sales tax check to Piedmont for September, 2012 business was down compared to September 2011, according to figures released by the Oklahoma Tax Commission.

In Piedmont, the commission returned $138,662.50 for September, while last year during the same period, Piedmont’s check was $178, 715.63.

Although the sales tax check for Piedmont was down, the use tax check to the city was up for September. Piedmont collected $23,901.73 in September 2012 use tax, compared to $8,837.68 a year earlier.

The use tax is a companion tax for purchases made outside the state from retailers who do not collect Oklahoma sales tax whether by mail order, catalog, television shopping networks, radio, Internet, phone or in person. Use tax is paid by the buyer when the Oklahoma sales tax has not been collected by the seller.

Some other nearby cities and towns also saw lower sales tax returns for this September compared to the previous year, while others enjoyed an increase in returns.

The commission returned $84,683.61 to Okarche this month for September sales, down from last year when Okarche received $117,797.60 for the same period.

Kingfisher saw its September sales tax collections dip this year to $209,550.37 compared to $230,336.87 for the same time in 2011. El Reno’s take fell this year to $760,685.32 while last year the check September check was for $855,734.15.

There were some are communities who enjoyed sizeable jumps in this year’s September check. Cashion collected $25,712.59 for the period this year, compared to $10,769 last year. Calumet’s check exploded from $35,805.16 last year to $342,150.08 this year.

Yukon and Mustang also saw slight increases in the sales tax checks to those cities for September 2012. Yukon took in $1,345,297.51 this year for September sales, while the figure a year earlier was $1,324,698.87. Mustang’s check was for $639,691.36, compared to $612,329.68 same time last year.

Kingfisher County saw its share of the September sales tax dip, with the county getting a check this year for the period in the amount of $157,902.07, compared to $179,704.90 in 2011. Canadian County saw an increase, receiving $561,519.79 this year, while last year for the period, the county received a check for $496,865.14.

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