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School patron asks questions


Roger Pugh

Piedmont school district parent Shelly Torres told the school board she was appearing before them Monday because she could not get answers elsewhere to some questions she had about how funds were handled during the regional girl’ softball tournament.

She said she worked the gate for a softball regional tournament in Oct. of 2015 and was told by both Athletic Director Tom Ewing and Dr. James White, Superintendent of Piedmont Schools that tickets were not given out to anyone.

Torres said the two also told her they would decide how much to pay the Oklahoma Secondary Schools Athletic Association (OSSAA). OSSAA gets the gate collection at regional and state events.

At the end of the game Torres said she calculated the gate money and concession funds on her dated and time stamped notepad and handed the money and a full roll of tickets to Ewing. The tickets were supplied by OSSAA.

She said shortly after, head softball Coach Scott encountered problems with the school administration. He was later dismissed as softball coach by White.

Torres said she later contacted OSSAA when she learned that she was supposed to give out tickets to paying attendees as required by OSSAA rules.

In a later interview following her brief appearance before the school board Monday, Torres said OSSAA pulled Piedmont’s file and told her 63 tickets were gone from the roll, which equals $315 in receipts. However, Torres said her dated and time stamped document showed they had collected $515. She also explained that she looked at the softball detailed operating account (DOA) and there was not a $515.00 deposit showing for that day.

In the same interview following her appearance at the board Monday, Torres said the OSSAA representative asked her if she had been paid $90, an amount she said the representative told her the school  reported to OSSAA that had been  paid to her. She said she told OSSAA she had not been paid at all.

Torres said when she later checked back with OSSAA, she was advised the school had been called into the OSSAA office regarding her claim.

As Torres was attempting to explain all of this to the board  in the three minutes allotted by the board, Chairman Stanley Nance advised her that her time had expired.

He thanked her for her input and the board moved on to the next agenda item.

In the later news interview, she said she contacted White and he told her there were no consequences from the OSSAA meeting.

She said she again contacted the OSSAA representative she had been in contact with earlier, and the representative confirmed there had been no consequences meted out by OSSAA. Torres said she asked the representative to have her boss contact her.

Torres said when she reached the OSSAA higher-up she told him she was upset that nothing was done. She also said the higher-up told her that was not exactly the case.

Torres claims the higher-up told her the school mishandled the funds and that Dr. White would take action on the matter.

In a Dec. 15 email to Torres from Dr. White, the superintendent confirms the school met with OSSAA and no suspension or sanctions were placed on the school. Dr. White said the situation was dealt with on the district level.

Torres writes in an Dec. 10 email to Dr. White and four school board members that Dr. White should be held accountable for the alleged mishandling of funds.

“…that’s what you did to Rick Scott, and so now you are responsible for the actions of those under you,” her email to Dr. White continued.


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