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School board agrees on ditch, gymnasium

By Matt Montgomery

The Piedmont School Board accepted the offer from the city to pay for their portion of the work to fix the ditch in front of the Intermediate School, but that’s all they are paying for.

The Piedmont City Council had asked the school board to fix the drainage problem including installing a new ditch and headwall, but the board voted last night to only pay for the ditch and no headwall or anything else.

City Councilman Charles Coffman was in attendance and addressed the school board, even though he wasn’t on their pre-approved list, so they couldn’t respond to him, but he spoke regardless and basically said he and the council would like to strengthen the relationship between the council and the school board.

The school board agreed to pay a total of $6,744 to fix the ditch but said no to the $7,000 it would cost to install a new headwall.

The school board also moved forward by putting out a bid for a new gym and wrestling facility at Piedmont High School.

The 400-seat approved gymnasium is estimated to cost just under $4 million and will be finished sometime in 2014. The gymnasium will be a little over 20,000 sq. feet.

The new athletic facilities would greatly reduce the number of students that have to go off campus to practice every day, the school board said.

The Piedmont City Council meets Oct. 22.

1 Comment

  1. JT says:

    $400 million for a gymnasium? Surely this is a typo.

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