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Residents let commissioners know wind farms aren’t welcome in this county

By Matt Montgomery

Canadian County commissioners mostly heard from citizens Monday morning about wind farms, and when the time finally came one hour and 15 minutes after the meeting started, they made a motion to proceed with a public election to determine whether the county needs a planning and zoning commission.

The commissioners also entertained a motion to proceed with holding a public hearing, but until they hear back from the county’s district attorney, they won’t have the exact time and date set for that. However, the commissioners mentioned holding a public hearing Saturday, Jan. 5 at Redlands Community College in El Reno, and as one of the audience members pointed out, they wanted to keep business in the county seat, El Reno.

The Commissioners’ meeting on paper was to determine the necessity for a planning commission but when the commissioners walked into a standing room only meeting room, they soon realized there were a lot of citizens that ended up talking about the need for windmills in the county. A couple residents were for windmills while the other 20 or so were completely against them.

Some Piedmont residents showed up including Mayor Valerie Thomerson, Eric Berger, Pam Suttles and John Guthrie. Suttles gave a passionate speech speaking out against the wind farms coming anywhere near Piedmont, as did Thomerson and both got overpowering ovations when they were done speaking.

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