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Police complete investigation into bike accident

Oklahoma City and Piedmont police conducted an investigation into a March 5 bike accident on Piedmont Road. (Ben Felder)

An investigation by the Oklahoma City Police Department into the bicycle accident of March 5 has ended but it is unknown if charges will be brought against the motorist who hit two cyclists on Piedmont Road.
Sgt. Jennifer Wardlow said the investigation has been completed and the lead investigator will discuss his findings with the Canadian County District Attorney’s office. An official with the district attorney’s office told Piedmont Today on Tuesday that no information on the accident has been turned over at this time.

Eric Johnson and Gary Caldwell were hit by a pickup truck while riding bikes on Piedmont Road near the intersection of 150th Street. Both cyclists were hit in Oklahoma City limits but landed in Piedmont. Both cyclists were transported to the hospital and Caldwell remained in critical condition for several days as he recovered from a brain injury and multiple broken bones. Caldwell was released from the hospital last week, according to his family.

The initial accident report completed by police states one of the cyclists may have swerved to avoid some gravel when he was hit but there is no official cause or fault listed in the accident report.

A statement made by a witness of the accident also did not provide many details.

“All I saw was the aftermath of bikes going over and over and dust flying,” a witness wrote in the accident report.

The driver of the pickup truck that hit the cyclists also provided a statement in the accident report and said he observed both cyclists riding side-by-side and that the cyclist on the left swerved to the left. The pickup truck driver also said he blew out his front right tire in the accident.

Per Piedmont Today policy, the name of the truck driver will not be published as no charges have been filed. However, a search of the driver’s name in court records on Wednesday morning showed no charges have been filed.

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