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Piedmont September sales tax check down slightly from Sept. 2011

By Roger Pugh

The September sales tax check from the Oklahoma Tax Commission for Piedmont was slightly down from the same period a year ago for sales from July 16 to July 31, and estimated sales from Aug. 1 to Aug. 15.

This September the check was for $151,257.25 while in September 2011 the commission sent that city a check for $156,176.86.

Piedmont also collects a use tax, and that check was also slightly down for September compared to the same time a year ago. This month the commission sent a use tax check to the city for $6,388.66, while last September, the check totaled $6,753.

A use tax is a tax levied on items purchased from vendors outside Oklahoma who do not collect Oklahoma sales tax on items sold for use in Oklahoma.

Piedmont collects sales and use tax at the rate of five percent.

Sales tax collections for nearby Okarche were markedly down for business conducted here during July, according to tax commission reports.

The commission returned $86,910.11 to Okarche in September this year, compared with $114,059.66 returned to the town for the same period last September.

However, the use tax check the town also receives was up for the comparable period. This year the tax commission returned $24,959.81for use tax collections during the period, compared to $3,415.58 one year earlier.

Okarche collects sales and use tax at a rate of four and one-half percent.

Sales tax collections were up in most other nearby cities and towns.

Calumet, which saw its monthly sales tax collections begin to skyrocket earlier this year when a major wind farm construction project began near the community, was way up this September. The tax commission returned $285,175.28 to Calumet last month, compared to $42,571.05 for the same time a year earlier. Calumet collects sales tax at the rate of four percent.

Sales tax returned to Kingfisher this period was up slightly from last year. Kingfisher received a check for $239,873.40 this September, compared to $219,148.44 during the same time last year. Kingfisher’s tax rate is three percent.

El Reno, with a rate of four percent, returned $798,134.72 this September, and last year the check was $672,344.02.

Cashion, which collects at four percent, took in $12,871.48, compared to $14,551.09 for the same time in 2011.

Yukon was up this September from $1,495,827.73 this year compared to $1,380,000.55 a year earlier. Mustang received a check this September for $683,501.10 while last year for the same time, Mustang collected $638,364.76.

In Canadian County, which collects a .035 percent sales and use tax, the sales tax check for the period this year was $740,045.58, while the amount returned to the county last year was $520,879.34. The use tax this year brought that county another $69,457.73 this period. Canadian County did not collect a use tax during the same period one year earlier.

In Kingfisher County, now with a .75 percent county sales tax, the check this September was $154,712.23 while last year it was $176,167.65 based on a then one percent rate. Kingfisher County also received $17,159.05 from a .75 percent county use tax this year while the check last year for that tax, collected then at one percent, was $7,851.48.

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