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State report cards rate Piedmont schools favorably

The state of Oklahoma released the A-F report cards evaluating the performance of schools across the state and once again Piedmont schools received excellent grades.

For the most part, the grades for the Piedmont schools either stayed the same or improved. The only school to receive a lower grade was Northwood Elementary, which went from an A last year to a B this year. The schools that earned a higher grade this year were Piedmont Elementary, improving from a B to a B+; Stone Ridge Elementary, improving from a B to an A, and Piedmont Middle School, improving from a B to an A-. The grade for Piedmont High School remained an A and Piedmont Intermediate, which did not receive a grade last year, earned a B-.

The following is from a letter sent by Piedmont schools to parents:

“Although, we do not completely agree with the method or the process chosen to grade our public
schools in Oklahoma, we certainly believe in providing our parents with as much information
possible about our schools and our students’ performance.

“Across the state of Oklahoma, only 20% of the schools scored an “A” and 28% of the schools
scored in the “B” range. With these statistics, it is clear that Piedmont has some of the highest
performing schools in the state.

“As always, we are extremely proud of our students and teachers. Although we are pleased with
our results, we also realize there is always room for improvement. Please be assured, our entire
staff is committed to providing the best possible and innovative education to our students.”

The state report cards can be viewed here.

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