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Piedmont police respond to threat against Piedmont High School

Roger Pugh

Piedmont Police Chief Scott Singer said his department knows of no credible threat, but police will make a strong presence at Piedmont schools Monday in response to a threat investigated several weeks ago and that threat’s reference to Dec. 14: the date of the 2012 Sandy Hook shootings.

Following the department’s investigation of the threat, the findings of the investigation were turned over to the District Attorney’s office. Singer said because the matter involves a juvenile, he could not specifically say if, or how the youth involved was being monitored.

“I want the public to be assured that we have the cooperation of all parties involved,” was ‘ Singer’s comment when asked about the youth. He said with that cooperation, he feels the situation involving the youth who made the earlier threat will be stable.

He said that the department will make its presence known at all of the schools Monday, particularly the high school.

“Those unauthorized attempting to enter the school grounds, or anyone with ill intent will be dealt with severely,” Singer promised.

The chief again encouraged citizens to report anything they believe to be a threat. “If you hear something, or see something, say something,” Singer advised.

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