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Piedmont plagued by burglaries

By Matt Montgomery

The Piedmont Police Department is working to identify a suspect who broke into seven vehicles on the east side of town and stole items from them.

Police Chief Alex Oblein said Tuesday that the alleged suspect in this case may also be a suspect in Blanchard and Piedmont Police are actively working with Blanchard to identify the suspect.

Seven separate reports of auto burglary were reported in the early morning hours of March 6. A suspect or suspects targeted the east side of the city near Sara Road between 164th and 192nd.

Oblein said the suspect in some cases broke out car windows to take laptops or whatever was of value from the cars.

Oblein said metro area police identified a suspect Tuesday, but may or may not have made an arrest.

Oblein said Piedmont Police Det. Brian Dawson is working with the Blanchard Police Department to try to identify and capture the suspect in connection.

“Some guy in Oklahoma City provided a tape on the burglary of his vehicle,” Oblein said. “The Blanchard detective saw it (the tape) and said that’s the same (guy) doing my burglaries.”

Oblein said there was some evidence found in a suspect’s vehicle that would indicate that the robberies in Blanchard and the robberies in Piedmont were connected.

The seven separate instances of auto burglary that were reported March 6 all occurred between a time span of several hours and all occurred on Faint Ridge Road, Whispering Creek Court and Silver Crossing Circle on the east side of Piedmont.

Watch for updates.

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