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Piedmont man faces up to 19 years in prison

Staff Reports

A Piedmont resident has been charged in Canadian County District Court for breaking into two Yukon residences.

Barron Martin Marley of Piedmont is charged with two counts of second degree burglary for the break-ins, and another count of larceny from one of the homes he is accused of unlawfully entering. He could receive up to 19 years in prison if convicted on all three counts.

According to charges filed by District Attorney Michael Fields, Marley broke into a home located at 12005 N.W. 138th by knocking out a bedroom window.
He is also charged with breaking into another Yukon home by using a brick to break out a back window in that home.

The larceny charge stems from Marley allegedly removing a television from the second home.

He was apprehended by Oklahoma City police.

Marley was already facing drug related charges in Canadian County District Court.

He had also received a seven-year deferred sentence earlier this year in Oklahoma County District Court after he pleaded guilty to burglary and drug related charges in that county.

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