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Piedmont issues odd/even water rationing schedule

By Matt Montgomery

The City of Piedmont announced Thursday that there will be a water rationing schedule implemented starting at 8 a.m., Friday. Jan. 18.

For those residents who live inside the Piedmont city limits and whose house number ends in an even number, they will be allowed to use their sprinklers or outdoor watering devices on even days, according to the City of Piedmont. The same goes for those whose house numbers ends in an odd number. The odd numbers will be allowed to water on odd number days.

Even though some residents might think there isn’t much need to water grass, Piedmont officials said there are some residents who still use their sprinkler systems regularly to water their landscapes and fresh sod that’s been laid.

The City said it received an email from the City of Oklahoma City after 5 p.m., Wednesday alerting it of the change. Since Piedmont uses some Oklahoma City water, it must follow the same schedule as Oklahoma City.

The City also didn’t specify on how long the odd/even schedule will last, but did say it could last for some time and could change in the near future.

The email from Oklahoma City to Piedmont said the reason they are implementing the new water rationing schedule is due to extreme drought conditions in Oklahoma City and surrounding communities.

The City of Piedmont will issue a citywide call Thursday evening to let all residents know about the new odd/even water rationing schedule that starts at 8 a.m., tomorrow, Jan. 18.

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