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Piedmont Historical Society, Parks and Recreation to host Yard and Garden Tour

  • Matt and Lisa Capshaw
  • Matt and Lisa Capshaw
  • Lois Dickerson
  • Lois Dickerson


By Robert Flippo

The Piedmont Historical Society and the Piedmont Parks and Recreation Department are joining forces to put on a Piedmont Yard and Garden tour July 13.

The yard and garden tour is the brainchild of Lois Dickerson, chairman of the public relations committee for the Piedmont Historical Society.

“We decided we’d do this as something to promote the community,” Dickerson said.

The tour offers people the opportunity to visit homes in the Piedmont area with exceptional yards and gardens. At each stop along the tour, participants will be able to speak with the homeowners and get gardening tips and ideas to use at their own homes. In addition, there will be a drawing for door prizes at each stop. The prizes will include gardening related items.

When Dickerson announced the Yard and Garden Tour at a Piedmont Chamber of Commerce meeting, it caught the notice of Lyn Land, chairman of Parks and Recreation. Land has been working toward getting Piedmont classified as the first Community Wildlife Habitat with the National  Wildlife Federation.

Initially, Land had registered her own home with the National Wildlife Federation. It is a simple process that requires meeting certain criteria, such as having sources of water and food for animals. After registering her own property, Land learned that there is an option to register entire communities as wildlife habitats.

“I thought it would be a cool thing for Piedmont to come together around,” Land said.

The goal of the National Wildlife Federation in getting communities to register as wildlife habitats is to preserve nature and to encourage people, especially children, to go outside and enjoy nature. That is a sentiment Land definitely agrees with.

“When you drive through Piedmont you don’t see any kids outside,” Land said. “We used to live outside in the summer.”

In order to register a community as a wildlife habitat, the community must earn points based off of actions that promote the wildlife habitats. As it happens, one of the eligible actions is to host a garden tour.

Therefor, Land approached Dickerson to have Parks and Recreation cosponsor this year’s Yard and Garden Tour. Now by participating in the tour, people will be supporting both the Piedmont Historical Society and the efforts of Land to register Piedmont as a Community Wildlife Habitat.

Dickerson is optimistic about the turnout for the tour and hopes to make this the first of what will become an annual tradition.

Tickets for the Yard and Garden Tour are five dollars. Addresses and maps for the tour are available online at www.piedmonthistoricalsociety.org

1 Comment

  1. john says:

    There was some very nice yards on display last Saturday. Good job to the organizers.

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