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Piedmont Area Veterans seek donations, citizens to join

By Matt Montgomery

John Bickerstaff said the Piedmont Area Veterans have received some donations but are seeking more, as well as some citizens to join their group.

“Piedmont Area Veterans and any interested citizen, please come to a meeting on Tuesday, Dec .4, at 6:30 p.m. in the Historical Society Annex (west of the Post Office) We will provide an update status on our progress,” Bickerstaff Said. “We will also show a rendering of the building, seek input on how to proceed and discuss expectations.”

Bickerstaff said they are seeking donations upward of $30,000 and have already received several generous donations from Piedmont and Surrey Hills citizens.

“We have received seven donations so far with the largest being $5000,” he said. “We need to have around $30,000 by mid December to ensure a January ground breaking. I’d like to shoot for $50,000 so we have some funds to work on the interior. None of your donations will go to waste.”

He added it will all go to get the building, parking, etc constructed and then the left over money will be used on the inside. Funds will dictate how much interior finish work they do

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