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Owners of 13 land tracts ask to de-annex from city

Roger Pugh

A group of property owners have asked the City of Piedmont to de-annex 13 tracts of land in parts of the northwest Piedmont city limits.

A petition was filed with the City of Piedmont at the end of November requesting the tracts to be de-annexed. Attorney Mark Henricksen represents the group.

All but three tracts of the land involved in the de-annexation request are located in parts of sections bounded on the South by N.W. 206th and N.W. 248th on the North. Richland Road is the eastern boundary, while Gregory Road bounds the western edge. Three tracts in the request to opt out of Piedmont city limits are located within Piedmont boundaries just inside Kingfisher County.

The petition indicates the petitioners represent the owners of more than three-fourths of the assessed value of the property for which de-annexation is requested, and also make up three-fourths of the registered voters who reside on those tracts. The petitioners also indicate all of the property is inside the city limits and none of the property has ever been platted in blocks and lots.

Piedmont City Manager Jim Crosby said the city council will take up the request at the next regular city council meeting if the petitioners have properly advertised the petition in advance of that meeting. A legal notice about the de-annexation appears this week and next week in the Piedmont-Surrey Gazette.

If the council does not approve the request, the petitioners may take the matter to district court.

All of the property is located in an area where Apex Energy is attempting to lease land to construct a commercial wind farm. Piedmont recently decided not to allow large commercial wind turbines inside city limits.

Crosby said he and the city staff will recommend to the council that the de-annexation petition be denied.
“We are trying to do something to keep the wind farms at least two miles from the city,” Crosby said.

He said if the landowners are successful in de-annexing, it could hurt future development and have an impact on the local environment if commercial wind turbines should go up on any of the de-annexed land.

Various owners of the tracts are Wade and Irene Moffat, Moffat Land, L.L.C., Joe A. and Sue N. Husmann, Co-Trustees of the Husmann Family Trust, Paul A. and Georgene I. Piatt, Trustees of the Paul A. and Georgene I. Piatt Living Trust, Allen and Patsy Moffat, Moffat Farms Limited Partnership, Andrew W. Moffat, David and Darlene Meiwes, and a number of members of the Wittrock family and various trusts established for members of the Wittrock family.

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