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Officer fired; appeals decision

By Matt Montgomery

Piedmont City Manager Jim Crosby terminated Piedmont Police Officer Ken Qualls last Friday for just cause.

Crosby met with Qualls last Thursday as part of a pre-disciplinary hearing and notified the officer that he would have a decision made within five days.

Officer Qualls fell under scrutiny after writing Ashley Ward a ticket for $2,500 because he saw her three-year-old son urinating in the Warden’s front yard.

The ticket was later ripped up and thrown out, but the talk of the situation lingered on.

Crosby said the officer gave his side of the story and now Crosby had five days to make his decision to terminate Qualls or suspend him.

After Crosby announced his decision to Qualls, he was allowed to appeal or accept the decision and he appealed it, so now he will have five days to make his case to the personnel board with the city.

Crosby said Tuesday that it is unlikely the personnel board will reinstate Officer Qualls after all of the controversy that came with the decision he made.

Crosby said, because of Qualls, there are national news organizations and world news originations that have been poking fun of the Piedmont Police Department and that is something that actually had no bearing on his decision to let Qualls go.

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